The AS series of standards are the quality management systems standard applicable to companies that supply to the aviation, space and defense industries. These standards incorporate all of ISO 9001 but include additional industry requirements specific to the aerospace industry.

We offer certification to all four of the AS standards, outlined as follows:

AS9100D/EN9100:2016 the standard for organizations that design, develop, or provide aviation, space, and defense products and services including parts, components and assemblies.

AS9110C/EN9110:2016 the standard for repair stations and is based on AS9100 but adds specific requirements that are critical for the maintenance of commercial, private, and military aircrafts.

AS9120B/EN9100:2016 the standard for stockists and distributors of parts to manufacturers that supply the aerospace industry.

AS6081 this standard was created in response to a significant and increasing volume of fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts entering the aerospace supply chain, posing significant performance, reliability, and safety risks.

AS9100 Certificate helps the organization:
• Global recognition
• Access to large OEM’s
• Proving business credentials
• Process effectiveness
• Customer satisfaction
• Product improvement
• Supply chain access
• Demonstrating commitment to quality
• Entry onto the IAQG Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS database)