EMAS is the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme which allows all types of organizations to improve their environmental performance and achieve recognition for doing so. Its origins lie in European Council Regulation 1836/93, which allowed participation by industrial sector organizations within the EU in the Scheme. This Regulation is now in its third version and extends to all types of organizations.

The aim of EMAS is to recognize and reward those organizations that go beyond minimum legal compliance and continuously improve their environmental performance.

EMAS calls for maintenance of an effective environmental management system (EMS) which ensures that an environmental policy is available, that objectives, targets and programmes are set to improve environmental performance and the promulgation of such to ensure continuous improvement as a whole.

EMAS Certificate helps the organization:
• Evaluation
• Improvement
• Environmental Policy
• Impact Reduction
• Pollution Prevention
• Legal Compliance
• Culture Change
• Corporate Responsibility
• Reputation
• Resource Management