GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) establishes the operational conditions and requirements necessary to ensure hygiene throughout the food chain and for the production thereof.

GMP consists of guidelines that define management and handling actions, with the purpose of ensuring favourable conditions for the production of safe food. They are also useful for the design and operation of establishments and for the development of processes and products related to food.

GMP have been developed by the Codex Alimentarius with the main objective of customer protection. It includes many basic operational conditions and procedures that are required to be met by the food company. For example, some of them can be:

• The construction and layout of the food premises
• The training provided to the employees
• The adequate maintenance of equipment and utensils used within the company
• The use of suitable chemicals within and around the food premises including cleaning chemicals, pest control chemicals and machine lubricants, including and effective pest control program
• The identification and storage of waste within and by the company
• The implementation and effectiveness of the traceability system
• The cleanliness of premises, equipment, utensils, floors, walls and ceilings.