ISO 22301 is the international standard for Business Continuity Management (BCM). It provides a practical framework for setting up and managing an effective business continuity management system. That aims to safeguard an organization from a wide range of potential threats and disruptions. Studies show that nearly 1 in 5 businesses suffer a major disruption every year.

This standard is right for your organization if you need to demonstrate to stakeholders that your organization can rapidly overcome operational disruption to provide continued and effective service.

ISO 22301 certification should be considered essential to organizations with obligations under the Civil Contingencies Act in the UK including utilities, transport, health and essential public services.

“The rigour of a certified management system has sped up the process and ensured that we have been able to deliver what our clients need: an uninterrupted service.” E.L.F.S

ISO 22301:2019 Certificate helps the organization:
• Operational resilience
• Emergency preparedness
• Corporate governance
• Crisis management
• Disaster recovery
• Supply chain security
• Protection of reputation in a crisis
• Preparation for technology failures
• Plan for sudden loss of critical resources
• Preparation for other emergency situations