ISO 37001 was published in 2016 and is the international standard for anti-bribery management systems. The standard is designed to assist organizations in implementing and maintaining specific measures which assist them in preventing, detecting and addressing bribery across the organization and its business activities.

This could include:

• Bribery activities conducted by the organization
• Bribery activities conducted against the organization

ISO 37001 certification is applicable to any size organization across the globe regardless of business activities and industry, and can easily be integrated into an existing management system such as ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001 or ISO 44001.

ISO 37001:2016 Certificate helps the organization:
• Anti-bribery policy
• Anti-bribery compliance
• Risk assessments
• Due diligence
• Prosecution protection
• Control mechanisms
• Reporting and investigation procedures
• Bribery of organizational personell
• Effective anti-bribery processes
• Demonstrating compliance to relevant legislation such as the Bribery Act 2010