ISO 44001:2017 is the International Standard for Collaborative Working. ISO 44001 is a roadmap for establishing and managing collaborative relationships with suppliers (upstream), customers (downstream), partners (horizontal) and inter department or function (internal) in order to generate benefits for all parties.

ISO 44001 (superseding BS 11000) is about driving organisational mind set and culture toward collaboration, rather than being a document focussed on delivering contractual obligations.

ISO 44001 involves a structured approach to sharing resources, experience and skills supported by a method for creating, delivering and exiting relationships. ISO 44001 certification demonstrates that your business relationships are truly collaborative.

ISO 44001:2017 Certificate helps the organization:
• Collaborative working
• Relationship management plan (RMP)
• Managing long term contracts between organizations
• Avoiding conflict in contracts between organizations
• Provides a framework for creating, managing and ending contracts
• Supports mutual understanding between organizations
• Differentiating your organization during tenders